Cantu Shea Butter Curling Creme Review

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Kinky Tresses

Tips on Applying Unrefined Shea Butter to Afro-Textured Natural Hair...

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Raw Shea Butter

Pure unrefined African Shea Butter by the pound.

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Natural Hair Nazi

Am I A Natural Hair Nazi?

I guess one could say that I’m obsessed with this whole Natural Hair Movement, and maybe I am. I watch numerous Youtube videos that showcase various experts who’ve mastered their kinky coils…I read several blogs that pertain to anything related to natural hair. I think everytime that I’m on facebook and a post appears or […]

Natural hair transition

3 Things to Consider Before Deciding To Transition to Natural Hair

Many of us at one time or another have considered going natural. Some women have considered it out of curiosity, some were inspired by other women sporting natural hairstyles, and some women have considered going natural after seeing Chris Rock’s documentary “Good Hair”.   Whatever the reason maybe, there are a few things that you […]